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Hoverboard Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Tips

Lithium-Ion Battery Safety

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Lithium-ion batteries are used in lots of products, such as mobile phones, laptops, electric vehicles, and generators. The use of these batteries is generally safe, and most have built-in safety features. Unfortunately, in rare cases, these batteries can overheat, catch fire, or explode.

Here is some basic safety information about lithium-ion batteries:

Reasons a Battery May Fail

Overcharging – If a lithium-ion battery becomes overcharged, the battery can rupture, overheat, catch fire, or explode.

Hot and Cold Temperatures – Extreme cold and heat can affect a battery’s ability to charge properly. The battery should be in moderate temperature conditions before charging.

Impacts – Impacts that could cause dents or punctures in the battery may result in dangerous charging situations, including overheating, fire, or explosion.

Tips for Safe Battery Charging and Use

  • Carefully read and follow all manufacturer instructions and warnings.
  • If at any time you witness a battery starting to balloon, swell up, smoke, or overheat, discontinue use and charging immediately.
  • Avoid leaving a charging battery unattended.
  • Use the power adapter meant for use with your specific product.
  • Avoid storing your battery in direct sunlight, an extremely hot or cold space, or under heavy objects.
  • When charging, set the battery and power adapter in an open space away from combustible material.
  • Do not open or otherwise take apart a battery or its power adapter.