Best Hoverboard Repair

Got a broken Hoverboard ? Looking a place for Best Hoverboard Repair center to Fix Balance Scooter?

We ( Hoverboard Spares and Repairs ) fix them. We have been repairing Scooters, Razor Scooter, Mobility Scooters and now Hoverboards since 2007.

Diagnostics will cost R350 and you will receive a quote prior to any repair work being done to your hoverboard.

Rebuilding a hoverboard is generally half the price of replacing it, or cheaper in many cases. You can view the spares prices on the website to get an idea of what the Hoverboard spares cost.

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Common Hoverboard Models We Repair

Our Hoverboard Repair Center repairs all hoverboards although some are more difficult to obtain parts for than others. The major brands we repair the most often are below:

  • Razor Hovertrax
  • Swagway: Original Swagway, Swagway X1, NBCF Swagway
  • Powerboard by HOVERBOARD
  • Goboard 1.0 and Goboard 2.0
  • Leray Self Balancing Scooter
  • Jetson Electric’s Sharper Image SOGO, Turbo
  • Flyboys Hoverboards
  • Zingo Move Hoverboards

Common Hoverboard Problems We Repair

We repair all types of Hoverboard problems. This is a list of some of the most common problems:

  • Hoverboard will not power on
  • Water and spill damage
  • Left side not working
  • Right side not working
  • Broken hinge O ring in middle of hoverboard
  • Broken charging port
  • Grinding, loose, or broken wheels

Hoverboard Problems We Do NOT Repair

  • We replace batteries on a case by case basis, and only when we can get a genuine battery from LG or Samsung. Note these are not cheap, and we do not supply the cheap Chinese batteries
  • We do not repair models which we can not get parts for.
  • We do not repair models which we feel will be unsafe.

Legal Stuff

By bringing or shipping your machine here, getting it diagnosed, repaired, or serviced in any way, you agree that  Scooter Shop will not be held liable in any way, shape, or form for any type of property damage or personal injury. These devices can malfunction and our technicians could make a mistake which could result in injury, concussion, or even death. Batteries and all other components can catch on fire and/or explode.

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Hoverboard Repair FAQ


Why do hoverboards catch on fire?

Some hoverboards contain low quality Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) batteries. When these batteries are mass produced and then used in something like a hoverboard or scooter which moves around and is banged around, the cheap batteries short circuit causing heat and / or fire and even explosions. Quality batteries are produced by companies such as Samsung and LG, but not all hoverboard manufacturers use a quality battery cell. Laptops, cell phones, and other electronics have had this same exact problem for over a decade; the problem is not necessarily hoverboards, but hoverboards which use cheap batteries.

How long does shipping take?

Scooters may only be shipped via courier. We recommend our couriers, although you are welcome to drop off repair at our offices.

We will instruct our couriers to collect, normally takes 24 hours, and re-delivery 3-5 days


Why are they called hoverboards if they do not hover?

What most people call “hoverboards” do not actually hover. The popularity of this name took off mostly due to marketing and confusion. Also, “self balancing gyro scooter with 2 wheels” just sounds strange. Real boards which levitate or hover over the ground start out at like $20,000. The scooters are also called mini-Segways, Swagways, gyro boards and many other names.